To contact us call:
(603) 886-6663

Nashua Pilot Shop is Closed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions in the shop.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Unfortunately we do not ship orders to locations outside of the United States. We are restricted from selling some of our products to foreign customers and it is simply safer to "just say no" rather than risk violating our agreements with our suppliers. We hope you understand.

Q: Can I join the Nashua Pilot Shop chart subscription service?
A: Yes, call us to join at (603) 886-6663.

Q: Do you accept special orders?
A: Yes, we do accept special orders for items we do not normally stock or for large quantities of items. We do require a deposit for non-stock items.

Q: Where is the Midfield Cafe?
A: The Midfield Cafe is located in building 83. We share a parking lot with it so if you are in our shop, you are close to the cafe! Stop in to our shop and we will point it out to you.